New CD '' Blues Et Cetera '' Coming in Feb. 2009

Stanstead, January 22nd, 2009 — Mike Goudreau presents his 10th album, ''Blues Et Cetera'', rich with 15 new original songs. The works are tainted with reggae, singer/songwriter, rock, country and world music influences as well as Texas, Chicago, funk and swing blues for which Goudreau has been renowned for the past 17 years. Many new musicians are highlighted on this recording, including the legendary trumpeter Roger Walls who has played on more than 200 albums in the past 30 years, with many of Quebec's top artists as well as working with the likes of The Duke Ellington Band, Cab Calloway, Tony Bennett, Offenbach, Diane Dufresne, Claude Dubois, Vic Vogel and many others. Also joining Mike is drummer Simon Bergeron (son of drummer Richard Bergeron, Mike's friend and partner for 17 years and founding member of the Boppin’ Blues Band) who brings an element of youth along with solid and creative drumming. Also on this recording are regular members of Goudreau’s band: Nino Fabi on organ and piano; David Élias on saxes and horn arrangements; Maxime St-Pierre on trumpet; Serge Arsenault on trombone; Dany Roy on sax; and Sylvain Daigneault on piano. Also noteworthy are guest appearances by Montreal accordionists Didier Dumoutier and Pierre-Olivier Ouellet, and by cellist Eric Kory. On this album Mike presents many different styles of the blues, hence the title ''Blues Et Cetera'': ''I wanted to make a more contemporary-sounding album but also wanted to present some of the styles that folks have come to expect from me over the past 17 years'', says Mike. It's no wonder, since his music and songwriting has never stopped evolving. In fact, over the past year, he has signed well over 250 songs with music libraries worldwide, and has had some impressive breakthroughs with three of his original songs featured on network television on NBC, ABC and CBS. He has also had 16 of his jazz tracks featured on 4-box-set compilation with American Label ''Arizona University Recordings'' distributed in Europe and Asia with Sony/BMG and Universal. All this was achieved without a record deal or producer, something that only hard work and perseverance – and some talent! – can bring. The festival season is being booked, and Mike's schedule will be busy. The new album will be launched officially in February 2009 and released through at or for sale at his concerts. So be sure to catch Mike at a festival near you for a preview. To find out where to get the new CD, hear a few MP3 clips from it and where and when to see the band live: visit or The tracks 1. Mend My Broken Heart 3:42 2. Why'd I Drink So Much? 3:58 3. Jello On A Roller Coaster 3:06 4. It's Too Late 4:25 5. Won't You Pardon Me? 3:56 6. Chicken Boogaloo 4:37 7. Growing Pains 3:45 8. Crazy Johnny 3:28 9. Change My Mind 4:21 10. Leaving For Paris 3:57 11. Big Black Dog 4:11 12. Poor Lonely People 3:29 13. I'm Still Cryin' 3:45 14. Let Me Down Easily 2:57 15. Gossipin' Mama 4:48 Total time: 58:25 All songs by Michel Goudreau – Socan Except ''Leaving For Paris'' by Michel Goudreau and Lise Gaudreau – Socan Websites: • Buy CD's at: Musicians Mike Goudreau – Vocals, guitars, bass Simon Bergeron – Drums, tambourine David Élias – Baritone, tenor & alto sax Nino Fabi – Organ, piano (# 1-5-8-12) Roger Walls – Trumpet (# 2-6-12-13) Eric Kory – Cello Sylvain Daigneault – Piano (# 4) Didier Dumoutier – Accordion (# 10) Jean-François Martel – Upright bass (# 10) Richard Bergeron – Drums (# 9-10-13-14) Serge Arsenault – Trombone (# 9-14) Dany Roy – Tenor sax (# 9-14) Maxime St-Pierre – Trumpet (# 9-14) Pierre-Olivier Ouellet – accordion (# 7) Daniel Poulin – Bass (# 13) Produced by Mike Goudreau Engineered by Jean Custeau Mixed by Mike Goudreau & Jean Custeau Mastered by David Élias & Mike Goudreau at VAD Studio – 819 864-4565 Recorded at Studio Bleuciel, Stanstead, QC – 819 876-2162 Arrangements by Mike Goudreau Horn and cello arrangements by David Élias Horn arrangement by Serge Arsenault on ''Let Me Down Easily'' Horn arrangement by Maxime St-Pierre on ''Change My Mind'' Cover Photo by Jocelyn Riendeau Artwork by Josée Morais Thanks Thanks to Jean Custeau for all his help with making this album possible, and to David Élias for the arrangements and mastering job. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with such great musicians whom I learn from, who help me get my compositions as far as I can bring them, and who share the stage with me: thank you all. Thanks also to James Doran and Diane Leduc for your support and friendship since my beginnings in the blues. To Brian Slack for all your help with bookings, radio promo and everything in between. The Montreal Blues Society .To Johanne Rondeau, David Bélanger for press, communications, corrections. To Jocelyn Riendeau, Josée Morais for your generosity, professionalism and talent in making my album look great on a shoe string budget. To all the DJs who play my music and plug our shows. And of course to all the fans and friends who have supported and encouraged me for the past seventeen years. And thanks to God for giving me the courage and drive to keep at it even through some rough times, I couldn't do it on my own. To my wife Natalie and my kids, Roxanne, Maya and Charles, who keep me grounded and remind me what's really important in this short life: I Love you. Contact: Mike Goudreau 195 Passenger St, Stanstead, QC J0B 3E2 Phone: 819 876-2109 Fax: 819 876-2112 Email: Websites: Buy CDs at: