Mike releases his 19th album : Alternate Takes Vol 1

Mike Goudreau presents his 19th album : “Alternate Takes - Vol 1”

A collection of unreleased and reworked original tracks that were recorded and produced in various studios between 1999 and 2017. Most of these songs were produced mainly for licensing on network TV and film projects for the many TV/Film contacts Mike has made in the USA, UK and Europe since 2007 that have earned him hundreds of placements on TV shows such as : CSI Los Angeles, Bloodline, Life In
Pieces, Gotham, Defiance, The Fosters and the feature film Passengers most recently, among many others with Goudreau’s original songs.
This recording features 16 tracks in a wide variety of Blues stylings: Blues Rock, Country Blues, Swing , Funk, Jazz, Chicago Blues, Boogie Woogie, Reggae and even a Manouche Swing inspired song ! Accompanied by a great lineup of musicians and long time collaborators help make this album a great showcase of the many eclectic musical genres and influences of Goudreau in numerous variations of the Blue note !

The albums wonderful cover art illustrations are from New York based artist Joan Chiverton who is well known for her sketches of world famous Jazz, Blues and Pop artists as well as actors and writers.