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Really nice site Mike!! Great job!
Watched you guys play at the West Island Blues Festival loved it with a passion!!!! I'd love to hear you guys again :D
My husband & I just returned from hearing you at the West Island Blues Festival. You're amazing. I will be buying some of your c.d.'s
I saw you at "Le blues de Farnham" last summer (with the 3 piece horn section). You guys put on a great show!!!
I saw the band for the first time at the 2012 West Island Blues Festival and since then I listen to them every day. They are truely a wold class Blues Band. I'm looking forward to more releases
great stuff !!!! got most of your stuff and it seems it just getting better all the time !!! last one is a gem one of the best blues album ever from Canuck country !!!!!!! salut !!!!!!!!!!!
You are our pride and joy Mike.
Salut Mike et bonne année à vous deux... Bertrand
Mike, such an enjoyable evening at the Haskell, super band, super guy, thanks. :o)
We are speechless. Your show was nothing short of amazing. Then we went to Checkpoint Charlie's after the show and were once again struck by your talent and the talents of the other band members. Please come back to Checkpoint Charlie's! We totally enjoyed the entire evening.
Wonderful song so beautifully sung! Your talent is greatly appreciated! A true natural! Thanks for a wonderful night here in Knowlton! What fun everyone shared with your great musicians! Hope to hear you again before the New Year!!
Just sitting here with my new husband, grooving to your music... So wonderful to see and hear how talented you are and that it's been noticed!! Great work - and I know you have worked so hard for so long... keep it up! It's lovely... and I am so darn proud!!!! From a fellow Newport-born and Stanstead-raised soul!
Great Gig at the Montreal Jazz fest the other! clean and tight. Just the way i like it! ;-)
Bonjour Mike, Moi et ma conjointe avons assisté à ton concert au Festival du jazz de Montréal. Un très beau spectacle de qualité, d'excellents musiciens et une belle variété de musique. Nous t'avions découvert à St-Donat. Je suis celui qui à qui tu avais fait parvenir ton disque -Stardust- qui n'était plus disponible. J'écoute souvent tes disques. Merci
Hi Mike... long time since we jammed together. Glad to see all seems well with you. The music is real fine. I'm still at it as well, although I live in the NWT and don't have a lot of venues. I'm headed into the studio this month for my very own blues project... I'll be setting up a website soon (by proxy) and hope to get some stuff "out there". I'm glad I found your site... take care and God bless..Jim
Hockeytown. Great song... I'm certain I will one day hear it on Hockey Night in Canada or some documentary about our national pastime. You are a truly gifted artist and your swingin' style truly rocks! I've also been fortunate to see three of your shows at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Usually they turn out to be the best ones that I see. Who knew that Beatles' covers at the Youth Center and country sets at The Maples would lead to this. Wow!!! Hope one day to see little brother once more accompanying big brother on the drums. Cheers.
Just viewed the " Hockeytown" YouTube video. Made me VERY home sick! Nicely done!! Glad to find the info about your site also...let me know if you ever play in LA. All the best you you.
I knew you were hot but wow! Quite the red carpet of experience you have. This song popped into my mind this am and after hearing it I thought of you thinking how amazing it would be to hear you perform it live. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0szwmdAfeNw Eric Bibb Don't Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down. This search opened the door to this grand artist as well http://www.ericbibb.com/. It's a great day of discoveries. Take care and keep doing what you do 'cause you do it real well. Noëlle Robitaille
Hey Mike, Your music is awesome - as it always has been - even back in the day when I used to ask you to sing some of those great country hits! I went to Archambeault's in Sherbrooke and picked up a CD last month to send to my father-in-law in FLA for his birthday. BTW... they only had 2 in stock - time to drop more off!! Karen http://tinyurl.com/qcnccc www.beyondtheroundabout.com
Hey Buddy.Love the site.Love your music.Love you man.I'll see you at the blues festival.
Really great blues and swing music. I love that shufflin' rhythm guitar (and organ too!) style with those fat compound second harmonies. That really swings in contrast to tons of other bands talkin' about it. For this reason it is really unjustified that you are probably unknown in Central Europe. But just don't care for that, because basically we don't know here neither that you play blues music nor you speak french out there in Canada ;-)
Hi Mike, Love your music. I, too, was born in Newport, VT. Gee, maybe we are cousins!!! Music also runs in our family. Hope to see you at the Haskell Opera House Sat. June 20, 2009. J'ecris ce mots en ecoutant "Drole de Chaussures". My oldest sister, Pier, an accomplished pianist, plays not only by note but mostly by ear. I just can picture her play with you. Listening to your music fits her style of music... But she also likes Art Tatum, Monk, and many others. I prefer rock, blues, light jazz, some classical, and even some country rock at times. Every year in Sherbrooke, Quebec, the Gaudreaus apparently get together. I have seen your name in the list even though you spell your name Goudreau. I've never gone to any reunions. Have you? If so, do you play any music there? Hope to see you soon. Your cousin, perhaps. Lucille (Luli)
Wow! très cool le site. J'aime bien la pièce Wonderful world, belle guitare ta voix est clean c'est vraiment beau! Bravo!
Hi Mike; You have a great web site and I'm glad that i discovered it. Keep on swing'in! Your the greatest. Skip
Great concert last night Mike...You christened 'Checkpoint Charlie' perfectly!! Who was the man on the harp??? Toto
Hi Mike, great website, even greater music. Sounding real good, but you always do. Keep up the good work and have fun performing it. God bless!
Hey Mike, Like the new web-site. Diane told me about your new album. Sound great! I'll try to catch your gig in Hull on next Wednesday. Cheers, Luc